Woo Pig Pooie Toilet Elixir
Turdcules Woo Pig Pooie Toilet Elixir

Woo Pig Pooie Toilet Elixir

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To call those Hot & Gamey heine-hogs, just use your Woo Pig Pooie Toilet Elixir. It smells like bonfires & bad decisions, but seriously it smells like barrels of whiskey and campfire embers.   Just shake well, spray the bowl, and FIRE in the hole!


  • Doesn't just COVER odors, Turdcules ELIMINATES odors by bonding with sulfur and nitrogen molecules
  • Perfect for RVs and Marine toilets
  • Smells like Bonfires & Bad Decisions
  • Really smells like Campfire Embers and Smooth Whiskey
  • 100+ Uses per 2 FL/OZ Bottle
  • Proudly Made in the USA