Makeup Junkie Pink Tie-Dye - *Turnkey Bag* - Large

Makeup Junkie Pink Tie-Dye - *Turnkey Bag* - Large

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The Makeup Junkie Pink Tie-Dye bag is a cloth exterior.  The MJ designers ensure that each handcrafted Pink Tie-Dye bag comes with a light blue zipper, black/white stripe (glam stripe) wipeable interior and a white tassel.

Each Makeup Junkie Bag comes with designer, moisture resistant, interior liner. 

Care Instructions: Pink Tie-Dye bags are washable, cold only. Lay flat, or hang to dry. Do not use iron. 

Turnkey Bags are unique bags in very limited quantities.

  1. Micro (3.5" x 4.5") - perfect for credit cards, money or dog snacks!
  2. Mini (8" x 4") – perfect for money, credit cards, sunglasses, headphones, small cosmetic items and more! 
  3. Small (9" x 7") – perfect for keeping your checkbooks, pens, stamps, travel storage and more! 
  4. Medium (11.5" x 7.5") – perfect for first aid kit, medication bag, school supplies, contact supplies, diabetic supplies, everyday makeup essentials, snacks and more! 
  5. Large (14" x 10") – perfect for toiletry bag, to go baby bag, iPad, cords, any tools for cheer/dance competitions, books, drinks and SO much more!